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We believe in the potential of people. We want everyone to succeed and to continue to do so throughout their lives. At any stage in life, people can struggle, and it becomes about surviving not thriving. We support those struggling with issues such as long term unemployment, recovery from addiction, homelessness, isolation, involvement in the criminal justice system in Scotland, and a history of trauma or harm.

This hinders their life chances and future potential. This is where Venture Trust comes in: to support people most in need. Our approach is preventative and long-term and challenges inequality. We focus on an individual’s strengths, equipping them with essential life skills, and building confidence.

We enable people to develop the strategies they need to succeed for the rest of their lives. With us, our participants begin to discover their own strengths, and aspects of their background and personality that they can draw upon.

We work specifically in the criminal justice, employability, and health and wellbeing sectors, providing personal development programmes that will enable individuals to take back control of their life and move towards a more positive future.

Our approach

Our programme is voluntary, where an individual chooses change and feels ready for a programme of learning and development. We use experiential learning with cognitive and therapeutic developmental techniques to build skills and unlock confidence. This offers support and challenge, so individuals make sustained progress towards their goals. This can take time; we help people build the right foundations and protective factors to succeed for the rest of their lives.

Our intensive personal development and the powerful catalyst of the outdoors helps people gain greater understanding with confidence in themselves and how they connect with others and the wider world leading to lasting positive change. Importantly individuals are more able to overcome setbacks and navigate ‘systems’, such as accessing benefits, securing and sustaining a suitable home. We focus development on three aspects of life and society because everyone, irrespective of their past, can achieve their potential for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life:

Wellbeing - So that people have the confidence to develop positive relationships and address social isolation and loneliness. With support, individuals can find stability and be self-reliant. They can prioritise their health, specifically their mental wellbeing and tackle alcohol or substance misuse.

Prevention and rehabilitation - Reducing the harm of crime by supporting people at risk of offending. We will champion prevention and rehabilitation by supporting individuals to tackle complex circumstances and patterns of behaviour.

Skills to be ready for work and future learning - We will continue to equip people to be ‘job ready’, able to access mainstream support, open to further learning and more able to sustain employment to earn a decent standard of living. So they can move beyond ‘getting by’ or struggling in poverty.

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Our partners

Building sustainable and positive partnerships are crucial to our work - we have over 200 referring partners to help individuals assess their readiness for a Venture Trust programme, and support them on their return home. Interested in working in partnership with us? Find out more about our range of partners.

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