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Venture Trust changes lives

Venture Trust believes in people. We believe that everyone, whatever their circumstances, can be supported to make and sustain positive changes in their lives.

We enable people to develop the strategies they need to succeed for the rest of their lives. With us, our participants begin to discover that there are strengths that they didn't think they had, aspects of their background and personality that they can draw upon.

We’re there to support that journey. Venture Trust helps people recognise what they need to change then - through time, space and intensive support in carefully designed programmes - gives them the confidence, motivation and life skills they need to make those changes.

Our approach

Our programmes act as a catalyst for change. The demanding nature of the wilderness, combined with one-to-one support and group activities, presents participants with emotional, social and physical challenges. These challenges are all designed to enable individuals to develop more positive and productive attitudes and behaviours. The wilderness journey is often the most intensive phase of our programmes, but one which generates a huge sense of achievement for our participants.

We help participants to work on skills such as establishing trust, personal boundaries, consequential thinking, problem solving, dealing with challenging situations, and responsibility and accountability. Each participant is supported to design an individual 'action plan' for their future, ensuring they can continue on their personal journey when they return to their community. Here, they will continue to be supported through regular meetings with Venture Trust's outreach teams. Our outreach teams help participants continue to develop and apply their new skills, access other specialist support services, and work towards employment, training, education or voluntary work. Find out more about a typical journey and our programmes.

Our partners

Partnership working is crucial to our work - we work with over 200 referring partners to help individuals assess their readiness for a Venture Trust programme, and support them on their return home. Interested in working in partnership with us? Find out more about our range of partners.

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Looking for advice?

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