Our impact and data matters: the people we work with are at the heart of everything we do. We use our data to show the impact our work together makes. By measuring our work and the outcomes people achieve with us, we can highlight our successes and more importantly learn where we can do better. We're happy to share this because we believe that being open and transparent is the best way to share our progress.

Success stories

The people we help come from a wide range of backgrounds, struggling with involvement in the criminal justice system, long-term unemployment, and mental health issues.

Be inspired by their courage, hard work and determination to see and realise their potential.


Measuring our impact

Through our extensive monitoring framework, which helps us to build up an accurate picture of the progress made by our participants, we measure our impact so we can be better at delivering support for the people work with and provide evidence for our funders and partners.

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Our impact publications

Our monitoring and evaluation framework allows us to build up an accurate picture of the progress made by our participants. We also commission external evaluations of our programmes to measure impact. Together this provides transparent and honest documentation of our work.

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