We work with people so they can gain the life skills, stability and confidence needed to reach their potential.

Taking part in our services is voluntary, where an individual chooses change and feels ready for learning and development. We use experiential learning with cognitive and therapeutic developmental techniques to build skills and unlock confidence. This offers support and challenge, so individuals make sustained progress towards their goals. This can take time; we help people build the right foundations and protective factors to succeed for the rest of their lives.

​Most participants receive up to 9 months’ support in communities with the help of a dedicated outreach worker as a trusted professional. Our support includes a catalyst for change in the form of a wilderness journey (between 5 and 10 days duration) delivered in the Scottish Highlands and led by expert outdoor development practitioners.​

We work in the outdoors and wild areas to create time and space away for development and to harness the powerful, restorative benefits of being amongst nature. Our behavioural change approach is underpinned by pro-social role modelling by all staff demonstrating positive, supportive behaviours; experiential learning, ‘learning by doing’ as part of Kolb’s Learning Cycle, and Choice Theory as a pivotal component and keystone of our approach. It proposes that all behaviour is driven by an individual attempting to meet one or more of the five needs - belonging, power, freedom, fun or survival. It is not hierarchical and different needs can oppose each other. Our work helps each participant explore how different choices and behaviours can help meet their needs more positively.

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