Our programmes of personal development - delivered across local authorities and in the outdoors support men and women in the criminal justice system. This includes individuals on a Community Payback Order (CPO) (and sometimes on other criminal justice orders), ​Structured Deferred Sentences (SDS), Diversion from Prosecution, and Parole/voluntary throughcare.

We champion prevention and rehabilitation by supporting people to tackle complex circumstances and experiences which cause, or may cause them to offend. Our community justice work takes place in the outdoors within local communities and the Scottish wilderness; utilising the outdoors as a catalyst for conversation, reflection and change. 

The difference we make

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Our criminal justice services

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Living Wild

For men and women across Scotland on Community Payback and other criminal justice orders who want to move away from offending. Our criminal justice programmes support individuals to address behaviour leading to offending and help with rehabilitation.

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Inspiring Young Futures

Inspiring Young Futures is an outdoor learning programme for young people aged 16-25 in Scotland struggling with youth unemployment, involvement in offending, anti-social behaviour, history of substance misuse and homelessness.

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Next Steps

A programme for women across Scotland involved in the criminal justice system, experiencing homelessness, drug or alcohol misuse and social isolation which may impact on their mental health, employment and relationships.

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Positive Futures

For ex-servicemen and women across Scotland who are finding it difficult to transition fully into civilian life. The programme supports veterans involved in the criminal justice system, experiencing homelessness, drug or alcohol misuse and social isolation.

Success stories

Stephen’s story

“The life that I now have is brilliant compared to what it was like. I thought I was a failure and that I was going to die in that horrible existence of addiction, prison, violence and fear.” 

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