We've developed an extensive monitoring framework, which helps us to build up an accurate picture of the progress made by our participants. It allows us to measure the effectiveness of our services, and also acts as a 'record of achievement' for our participants.

Measuring progression

To measure the progress, we regularly check in and monitor a series of measures covering changes in their attitudes and behaviours. There are 14 separate measures, making up three different factors: Employability; Stability/Risk of Re-offending; Resilience. The factors are constructed as follows:

Resilience: Mental wellbeing; Confidence; Dealing with challenge

Stability: Attitudes to negative behaviours; Relationships; Self-care; Managing strong feelings

Risk of re-offending: As above plus Peer influence (for Community Justice participants only)

Employability: Ability to set goals and work towards them; Personal responsibility; Give and receive feedback; Accept the opinions of others; Time management; Represent views in a positive manner

Positive destinations

After participants progress on, we follow up with them to find out if they achieved a positive destination - entrance into employment, education, training or volunteering role. We record both first positive destination, and positive destinations sustained over 3 or 6 months to represent longer-term success.

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