Please select which of our services you wish to refer to:

Personal Development 

This is our core service. Participants will join a 6-9 month programme of personal development delivered through community outreach with a key worker and a Wilderness Journey of 5-10 days in the wilder places of Scotland.

Court Assessment Request 

If you are a Court Social Worker or Clerk of Court requesting an Assessment to help decide whether someone is suitable for a Venture Trust core service as part of an order, use this option.

This service is not suitable for participants who are already subject to an Order.

CashBack Green Futures 

Green Futures is a chance for participants aged 16 - 25 to enhance their skills and develop new ones. Turning green spaces and waterways into your class room, participants will embark on a transformative journey towards a positive future.
Develop new skills, participate in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, kayaking & conservation, gain new qualifications and volunteering experience while learning more about and getting involved with the local community.

Forward for Families 

An employability service for individuals with children in Fife facing barriers to employment. Our service is tackling unemployment by building aspiration, motivation and self-confidence while developing key employability skills.


Outdoor Therapy

This service is for those in need of counselling from qualified therapists. Participants will meet counsellors for one-to-one and group sessions outdoors in parks and green spaces.

This service is currently only available in:

  • Fife for those aged 16-24
  • East Ayrshire, Glasgow, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire, South Ayrshire and South Lanarkshire for those aged 16+

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