Every year we welcome new student social workers onto placements working alongside our full-time outreach workers - allowing them to gain valuable real world work experience and train as the social workers of the future.

Our student social workers are the social workers of tomorrow, and the experience they gain with us is an important part of that journey. In turn, we get to welcome new and brilliant people onto our team each year. We've even employed social work students on a freelance basis during their summer breaks from university because we recognize and value the skills and qualities our student social workers can bring to Venture Trust.  

Hear what some of our student social workers had to say about their time with us in our videos below!  

"You get a lot of independence at VT so you make your own schedule - you're given a case load and you contact your participants and arrange what is most suitable for you both.... which has been really good and it's given me a lot of flexibility around university."

"It's been great to see the benefits of the outdoors first-hand, and how practitioners use it to really help facilitate personal development..." 

"[Venture Trust's work] is very relevant to my dissertation which is based on eco therapy and the benefits it would have on women who have experienced domestic abuse - which is why I was really intrigued by Venture Trust because they do wilderness journeys specifically for women... I'm really grateful that I was placed here because it's given me some really good insight into the whole experience of the women who have been on these journeys."

- Rebecca Growse, 2022 student social worker

If you are about to undertake a placement with us, or if you are thinking of asking your university to place you with us and would like to know more, please contact our practice educator and outdoor therapist, Mark Rae at markrae@venturetrust.org.uk

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