We understand the people we work with have multiple and complex needs, which is why our work not only focuses on the issues presented, but on the whole person and the different factors impacting their lives. This holistic approach empowers our participants to unlock the resilience and skills they need to manage difficult life circumstances.  

Mental wellbeing is about how you're feeling right now, and how well you can cope with daily life. When facing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or PTSD, substance use issues, or difficult life circumstances such as homelessness and involvement in the criminal justice system - improving mental and physical wellbeing is an added challenge the people we work with face.

We encourage physical wellness through outdoor adventures which supports our participants journey to improved wellbeing. At the end of their journey, the people we support show positive self-confidence, improved relationships and increased stability in their daily life. This resilience allows them to create lasting relationships with other service providers as they move forward. 

The difference we make

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Outdoor Therapy service

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Outdoor Therapy

The service aims to support people by combining the full range of benefits from time in nature and the outdoors with professional therapy to improve mental health and wellbeing. This is a free, confidential service for 16-25 year olds and ex-service personnel.

Additional services to improve wellbeing

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Living Wild

For men and women across Scotland on Community Payback and other criminal justice orders who want to move away from offending. Our criminal justice programmes support individuals to address behaviour leading to offending and help with rehabilitation.

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Inspiring Young Futures

Inspiring Young Futures is an outdoor learning programme for young people aged 16-25 in Scotland struggling with youth unemployment, involvement in offending, anti-social behaviour, history of substance misuse and homelessness.

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Next Steps

A programme for women across Scotland involved in the criminal justice system, experiencing homelessness, drug or alcohol misuse and social isolation which may impact on their mental health, employment and relationships.

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Positive Futures

For ex-servicemen and women across Scotland who are finding it difficult to transition fully into civilian life. The programme supports veterans involved in the criminal justice system, experiencing homelessness, drug or alcohol misuse and social isolation.

Success stories

Annabelle’s story

“It’s still one day at a time, but I’m grabbing my second chance with both hands”.

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