Positive Futures Evaluation 2019-2022

Posted on 11 November 2022

Further research into the health and wellbeing impacts of Positive Futures has confirmed how Venture Trust’s unique model of semi-individualised support, coupled with the wilderness, helps veterans who have struggled with transition to civilian life.

In this latest research, Positive Futures continues to successfully deliver positive health and wellbeing impacts, particularly mental health and wellness impacts, in veterans struggling with transition.

In the initial evaluation of the Programme (2016-2018), a completely unexpected set of very strong positive health and wellbeing outcomes was seen in participants.

Funding was received for Positive Futures to continue to 2022: in parallel, the programme continued to be evaluated – now with a focus on ‘Health and Wellbeing Outcomes’.

This paper presents the outcomes of the continuing research. It builds on the initial evaluation and reports on the ‘particular catalysts for change’ which drove change in participants’ health and wellbeing as a result of taking part in Positive Futures.

The evaluation covers the impact of the Covid lockdowns on veterans and how a swift pivot by Venture Trust helped veterans maintain their mental health and wellbeing throughout.

Read our Positive Futures Evaluation for 2019-2022 here. 

Article written by Jo Llyod MCIM CMRS, Senior Consultant, GAP Communications

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