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Our digital Wellbeing Hub will offer people counselling support and mental health advice from qualified Venture Trust professionals during their experience of isolation. Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important while staying at home because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

During these challenging times it is important to remember everyone will face emotions such as feeling bored, frustrated or lonely. As well as low, worried or anxious, or concerned about finances, health or those close to you. But at Venture Trust we are working with smart technology to reach those who need help most in their own homes. Our new support service is online, with all Venture Trust support staff providing tailored support by phone or digital platforms.

Through the Hub people will have access to:

  • One-to-one conversations and counselling focused on mental wellbeing during the challenging coronavirus times
  • Virtual group sessions
  • Tips and resources on the Venture Trust website and social media channels

We can help with:

  • Talking about what is worrying people

We know lots of people are worried and overwhelmed during this time. More people may be feeling this way than imagined. People can talk to us and share their concerns. We will listen and try and help them make sense of those concerns.

We can offer conversations with an experienced support worker or qualified counsellor, depending on their need. Most of all, we will be there for them as a point of consistent support in an uncertain time.

  • Staying connected with others

Maintaining healthy relationships with trusted people is important for mental wellbeing.

We can help people access national helplines or others that are available in their area.

  • Thinking about a new, and temporary ‘normal’

Life has changed and it may stay this way for a while, but not forever. How people respond to this experience of disruption to their normal routine may have a real impact on their wellbeing. Our staff can help individuals think about this in a way that will support them moving forward in the longer term.

We can support people to manage there feelings and focus on the known, rather than worries in the unknown. How they act, who they speak to and where they get information from are all things that can help them feel as ‘normal’ as possible.

  • Carrying on doing enjoyable things

We will focus on ways to continue helping people experience the good things in life, like doing some of their favourite things, if they can still be done at home. If not, we can think with them about something new to do/learn at home.

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