Volunteer with Venture Trust and make a real difference to the lives of those in need...

Venture Trust is a people focused organisation, and this includes our participants, staff and volunteers. We recognise that we need a variety of skills and abilities to enable us to have the capacity to provide quality services.

Volunteers bring a unique skill set which they can utilise in our distinctive working environment, to bring benefit to both them and us as an organisation.

Virtual Skill-based Volunteering

Venture Trust believes no one should be left behind. That is why we are supporting people struggling with complex needs to gain life skills, stability and confidence. Do you have some time to donate? Could you support Venture Trust’s virtual skill-based volunteering initiative?

Our varied immersive projects range from a few days to a few weeks giving individuals and businesses an opportunity to connect their in-house experts to help where is most needed.

For more information and project details on our pro-bono consulting and virtual volunteering opportunities please contact us here.


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Looking for advice?

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Meet Lucy

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