Venture Trust winter fundraising campaign, #WalkToTalk

Posted on 16 December 2021

This year Venture Trust launched #WalkToTalk, a winter fundraising campaign to encourage our supporters to get outside and stay connected over the winter months.

Winter can be a challenging time with darker days and Scotland’s weather often putting people off getting out. For many, this time of year results in poorer mental health, greater isolation, and increased alcohol and substance use. This winter, we want to encourage companionship, spending time outdoors with friends and family and having conversations.

Here is a round up of #WalkToTalk ‘s from social media. If you would like to take part over the winter months; share your post and tag @VentureTrust / #WalkToTalk, or click here to visit our campaign page for more information.

If you are inspired by the campaign, please consider making a donation and helping us to change the lives of vulnerable people across Scotland. You can donate by clicking here.


Here is Sophie, climbing up Stob a’Choin in the Trossachs with two friends, complete with some snowball fighting.


Katriona and her flat mate went out for a #WalkToTalk around Holl Reservoir in Fife.  They went up Bishop’s Hill, soaking in the winter fresh air.


Venture Trust board member, Susan, said she had “good fun joining Venture Trust’s #WalkToTalk with Amelia, despite the dark and wet. It’s also a way of raising awareness of their campaign to help support some of Scotland’s most vulnerable people with their mental health, helping them remain connected.” 


Venture Trust CEO, Alastair, also took part in the campaign with friends. “Cracking weather this weekend – out in the Kilpatricks with pals for a bit of #WalkToTalk


Hazel and Alice met up after work for a walk along Portobello beach. Alice said “since it started getting dark at 5pm I’ve barely been doing anything after work other than watching TV – so it felt great to get some evening fresh air and catch up.”

Here’s some more photos from the #WalkToTalk campaign, with people swapping the office to make the most of daylight hours or even getting outside after sunset.

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