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Venture Trust getting online and heading outdoors to support Scotland's most vulnerable

Updated: Jan 6

Combined online and outdoor community delivery

At Venture Trust we are continuing to adapt the delivery of our outdoor personal development programmes for the people we support.

In line with Government and public health guidelines, we have developed a programme format that is compatible with the current COVID-19 related restrictions. We’ve focused on designing delivery for small groups of participants within their local authority restrictions – so minimising travel, transmission risks, adhering to best practice and the Scottish Government’s current guidance in these areas whilst retaining our unique approach to training and engagement.

The programme will still feature our three-phase approach to delivery:

Phase 1 manages all aspects of assessment and preparation to ensure that we build positive relationships and individuals have developed suitable goals and objectives to make the most of the learning opportunities.

Phase 2 provides a range of activities for experiential learning through digital and outdoor delivery. The groups will be introduced to a range of concepts such as Kolb’s Learning Cycle and the principles of Choice Theory, which provide the skills each individual needs to understand the consequences of their thoughts and behaviours.

Phase 3 of the programme provides flexible, responsive and individually tailored support to participants. Using each participant’s unique action plan as a foundation, personal development support is available to each individual for up to six months after completion of Phase 2.

The programme will focus on personal development by using a combination of digital group work, one-to-ones and local activity days. The nature of a responsive programme designed to meet the unique needs of the participants, their access to digital technology, the nature of urban, semi-rural and rural delivery, alongside potential changes in local restrictions, means that individual programmes may vary but will all include key sessions on:

1. Building effective relationships

2. Problem solving

3. Choosing effective behaviours

4. Goal setting

5. Action planning

It is anticipated that each Phase 2 element will include at least three outdoor based activities alongside digital or “real-world” development, planning and review sessions.

We are hopeful that we can resume wilderness journeys in Spring next year and we anticipate the blended model above to run alongside through to Easter.

If you have any questions around our delivery or procedures please get in touch.



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