Organise your own challenge

You can come up with your own challenges to fundraise with from the comfort of your home, or utilise your daily walk with a fun goal.

You can come up with a theme, like the 2.6 theme for the London Marathon this year, and organise your event around that.

Here are some of our ideas:

>> Family Fun Day – activities and challenges for parents and kids such as games, baking and artistic

>> Run 10km in your hallway/around your block

>> Learn a new skill – learn a new skill or language. E.g for every £ raised you have to learn a new sentence in a foreign language! Bon Chance!

>> Organise a virtual Quiz

>> A push-up challenge – 50 push-ups every day for a week

>> Have a hot-dog eating competition with others in your house.

>> Save & Donate – for the next month, donate the money you would have spent on your commute/morning coffee

Walk, run, cycle, row, sit up, press up, jump up, quiz, eat, save >> choose your own challenge and join Venture Trust’s campaign to keep everyone in Scotland connected and supported during this crisis.

To get started, head to our JustGiving campaign page and 'start fundraising'. For more help and support contact



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