Men’s Mental Health Month: A poem on homelessness

Posted on 23 November 2021

For Men’s Mental Health Month, Venture Trust asked some of our delivery partners to discuss men’s mental health and the experience of those they work with. Blue Triangle Association (BTA) support vulnerable people experiencing homelessness or at risk of being made homeless by providing safe and secure accommodation. Venture Trust work with Blue Triangle to identify people that would benefit from our personal development programmes and support them to move forward from their current life circumstances. In Scotland, 46% of homeless applications come from single men, which is significantly larger than any other group. Read on to hear from people with lived experience of homelessness and the impact it has on their mental health.

This written piece from Blue Triangle comes from a man who talks about his life experiencing homelessness on the streets of Scotland.  

 Room With a View

My life has become obsolete, a cardboard box, which barely covers my feet, a room with a view of the street where I was once complete.  

People walk past and look at me with pity but I do not want their pity I just want to be like most of them and have a nice job in the city. 

Winter is creeping in and the cold is biting at my feet, I could do with a hot meal and a comfortable seat. 

My body is aching with pain and my room with a view is covered in rain. How long will it last before someone comes along and gives me a break for goodness sake? 

A coin lands in a paper cup, it is the first of the day, but barely enough to help me on my way from this pain and misery I am faced with each day. 

Who is Blue Triangle? 

Blue Triangle is a national Registered Social Landlord (RSL), national Registered Care Provider, and national registered charity. Blue Triangle delivers 35 services across 9 local authorities, providing daily, intensive support to people. The services focus on supporting those at the higher end of need, in line with the Hard Edges Report which notes the multiple disadvantages some individuals face. We are aware that individuals who initially present as homeless also have additional needs such as mental health issues, addiction, and trauma.  We are aware of the prevalence of mental health issues in men and how they are often less likely to receive treatment. Many individuals may turn to other coping mechanisms which can be harmful such as self-harm, suicidal ideation, gambling and problem substance use.  Blue Triangle champions, supports and works alongside individuals through a plethora of complexities and we empower individuals to thrive. We assist individuals to identify when they are struggling and ensure the right support and coping strategies are in place to protect their physical and emotional health. 

Kerry McGhee : Blue Triangle Area Manager 

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