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Coronavirus restrictions mean we’re somewhat restricted in our scope to travel just now – so this challenge might be just what you need to keep going until you can. Challenge yourself or your family and friends to #BagAMunro2021 

Inspired by two incredible young fundraisers during 2020’s first lockdown, this challenge makes all Munros accessible!  Aiden and Caladh chose Ben Nevis and slid their way down its 4,411ft on the slide in their garden.  They were followed by Alex and Emma who bounced their way up Ben Lomand…  

We’re sure there are many more different ways to bag your virtual Munro – and there are still 280 to claim in fundraising for Venture Trust… you could climb up Ben hope, the northernmost Munro in Scotland, or walk the distance of the most southern Munro, Ben Lomand, in your own hallway. 

Here’s how 

Plan your challenge: 

  1. Choose the Munro that you want to ‘bag’ and find out the height – a list of all the Munros is available here 
  1. Decide how you’re going to complete the challenge.  Are you going to climb the height from the stairs in your house, slide the length of the Munro from the slide in the back garden, walk the length of your hallway, your daily walk, or even bounce the height from your trampoline?  
  1. Measure the distance you’ll be travelling – how long is your slide/stride, how high is a bounce?! 
  1. Divide the height of your chosen Munro by this distance to work out how many of each you’ll need to do – this final number is your challenge target! 

For example: Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the UK, is 4,411ft. Your stairs are 10ft tall. So, your challenge is to climb your stairs 441 times in order to reach the top of Ben Nevis! 

Start fundraising: 


  • Fundraising using an online platform is easy and allows you to share content to your social media accounts to encourage friends and family to donate. 
  • Set up your own fundraising page here at JustGiving.   Choose ‘start fundraising’ and follow the prompts – you’ll be able to select Venture Trust as your charity partner (scroll down to the ‘Charities’ section where you’ll see our logo). 



Aiden & Caladh bagged Ben Nevis last year by sliding down their slide 889 times! Here are a couple of Top Tips from these seasoned Munro baggers: 

  • Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks to keep you going – it’s a long way to the top (or bottom!) 
  • Give yourself plenty of time (it took nearly 7 hours to slide all the way down Ben Nevis… and climb to the top!) 


Got creative new ways to #BagaMunro2021? Let us know on social media so we can support all the incredible work you’re doing.  We will also send you a Venture Trust t-shirt. 

For more help and support contact katriona@venturetrust.org.uk  

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