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No two participants are the same

Our participants come from a wide range of backgrounds, some may have been in care, some may have been homeless, some may have experienced challenging family circumstances, some have engaged in offending behaviour, and many have experienced several or all of these life circumstances

...But they all have one thing in common

What unites all our participants is each individual's commitment to changing their lives for the better. When they join Venture Trust, each individual has identified things in their life that could be better - they might have realised that certain behaviours aren't getting them where they want to be or that they need to do something different. We support participants to identify changes they want to make in their lives, and help them to think about the ways they might go about making them.

For many of our participants, life has not been easy. Many have experienced chaotic backgrounds, which may have made it difficult for them to get on in mainstream education or to see the future they want for themselves. Some have experienced family life where unemployment, drug and alcohol misuse or violence are a part of their everyday experience. Many, as a result of their life experiences, have been suffering from lack of confidence and aspiration.

For them, Venture Trust represents an opportunity. It's an opportunity not only to develop the skills to become more employable or more stable, it's also an opportunity to raise their aspirations, see more possibilities, develop belief in their futures, and learn how to build and maintain positive, quality relationships with those around them.

Ultimately, all of our participants are engaging in an opportunity to create a healthier, happier, and more productive future for themselves.

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