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We work in communities...

We work with participants in their local communities to support them throughout their journey with Venture Trust. Over a period of 6-9 months, our outreach teams offer participants support and guidance, connecting them with services and opportunities in their local communities, and helping them to make and sustain positive changes in their lives. We work with a network of local partners, companies and services to help our participants access the best possible package of support and opportunities.

In the past twelve months, we've supported people from Local Authority areas across Scotland.

... and in the wilderness

We support participants to journey into the wilderness of Scotland, where our carefully designed programmes give them the chance to develop key skills for life, learning and work. Together in small groups of up to 12 participants, individuals embark on a range of activities to help them plan and make life changes. Intensive one-to-one and group sessions encourage participants to recognise and reflect on the skills they are developing, and think about how they can be applied to their lives back at home.

Scotland's spectacular wild places are inherently challenging. These environments challenge individuals to focus on actions and their consequences - encouraging the discovery of new skills and talents, and helping participants to become more self reliant. The sense of space and the distance from everyday life gives individuals time to reflect on their lives and plan the changes they'd like to make.

“Amazing how many lives it can change. Just by bringing a couple ah young misfits, ah young criminals. You bring em out here in the middle a nowhere an’ they change. I never thought ah’d change but now ah feel as if ah’ve changed, aye”.

- Comment from a participant.

Scotland locations

We have a head office in Edinburgh, an office in Glasgow and a National Participant Centre in Stirling.

In England and Wales

Although our current programmes embrace a small number of referrals from outside Scotland, a comprehensive expansion to support vulnerable people in England and Wales forms a major part of our ambitions for the coming years.

Building on our track record, we are currently designing bespoke programmes to meet the needs of those in England and Wales. We will be delivering programmes in partnership - complementing and enhancing the work of local services for participants in their communities.

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