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Want to make a change in your life? Below, you can find out more about what goes on during our programmes, and what you can expect.

If you have any other questions, just contact us, and we'll do our best to help.

How do you get on a programme?

If you have a social worker or key worker (your 'referrer'), all you need do is tell them you want to come, and why. They'll get in touch with us and help you with the application. When we receive your completed form, we'll call you and your referrer for a chat. Alternatively to find out more give us a call on 0131 228 7700.

Where will you stay?

Depending on the programme you join, you might be staying in tents and tipis, or at hostel-type accommodation in the Highlands. You will definitely be spending time out in the wilderness, and will be cooking for yourself (with our help) for some of the time. Wherever you are, you will be expected to help keep the place clean and tidy.

Who else is on the programme?

People like you! People who want to make changes in their lives. During your stay in the wilderness you'll share a bedroom, tent or tipi with up to three other people. Our staff will help you all to get to know one another at the beginning of the wilderness phase, and there will be plenty of opportunities to chat to young people in similar situations to yourself.

What will you be doing?

You'll face a variety of gentle challenges that will help you develop in important areas of your life, like being confident, motivated, looking after yourself, and getting along with others. You might be canoeing, climbing, abseiling, hill walking, gorge walking, constructing, crafting or painting. You'll definitely be developing new skills. You'll go on wilderness journeys that involve staying in tents or shelters. And each day you'll have a review where you'll find out more about yourself and the others.

What if you have to leave early?

Before coming out on a programme you sign an agreement committing yourself to the full wilderness experience. However, we realise there are times when people, for various reasons, have to leave early. In these cases we work with your referrer to help get you home.

What are the conditions of attendance?

They're simple: no drugs, no alcohol, no theft, no threatening/violent behaviour, and no exclusive/sexual relationships. Everyone has a part to play in creating a safe environment for learning and development. If you choose not to keep them, you may be asked to leave. So before you go into the wilderness, you should think seriously about your ability to live within these conditions.

What about your benefits?

You'll still get benefits while on the programme, but as soon as you've been offered a place you must visit your benefits office to sign form JSA 460. We'll send your referrer information about this, and they'll give you any help you need.

What should you bring?

Our programmes are run in some of the wettest places in the UK, and even in summer it can be cold in the mountains, so it's important to bring everything on the clothing list that will be sent to you. You might need time to find or borrow things, so don't leave it to the last minute. If you can't get some things, give us a ring and we'll try to help out. We do supply all your outdoor kit, including boots, waterproofs and equipment. There's no network coverage for mobile phones, and MP3 players/ipods aren't allowed during sessions.

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Looking for advice?

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