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Falling through the cracks: The ‘hidden’ veterans

Venture Trust’s programme for ex-service personnel featured in The Scotsman

The article highlighted how Venture Trust is enabling 'hidden' veterans to access support services and is filling a gap for ex-servicemen and women with its unique three-phase programmes.

With over 50 veterans’ organisations in Scotland alone, there is no shortage of services being offered to veterans after they leave the Armed Forces. These services typically support veterans who are older people, have been wounded or are suffering from recognised mental health issues along with those struggling with the transition to civilian life. However, research findings emerging from Scottish charity Venture Trust and insights from the organisation’s work with ex-servicemen and women has highlighted there is a small but significant group of struggling working-age veterans who are not accessing existing support services. These are the ‘hidden veterans’.

An independent study of Venture Trust’s programme specifically for veterans struggling with civilian life – Positive Futures – highlighted that ex-servicemen and women who did not take part in a tour of duty, face active combat or were Early Service Leavers (ESLs) showed reservations about engaging with veterans support services.

There are multiple reasons why some veterans end up ‘hidden’. However, it is vital that organisations collaborate to find and support those falling through the cracks. Reaching them, engaging them and helping them overcome their struggles is hugely important to the individuals, to their families and to society as whole.

Read the article: ‘Hidden’ veterans must not be allowed to fall through the cracks

The programme to date and the research - to be officially launched at an exclusive event on November 6th - has been funded for the past three years by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), a £35 million funding scheme run by FiMT using an endowment awarded by the Big Lottery Fund.

With the FiMT grant coming to an end at the end of September 2018, Venture Trust secured a £699,384 LIBOR funding grant. The grant from the UK Government will enable Venture Trust to support even more former servicemen and women and extends the programme until 2021.

Funding from the Armed Forces Covenant also supports our work with ex-service personnel caught up in the Scottish community justice system. The European Social Fund also provides funding for our core programmes.

For more information about Venture Trust's programme for ex-service personnel visit: Positive Futures

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