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Locking up people short-term doesn’t work - Community Justice is an answer

Venture Trust's community justice programmes have been featured in The Scotsman on Wednesday, January 3rd.

The article is a great way to start the New Year and highlights the role Venture Trust can play in changing the lives of hundreds of people caught up in the criminal justice system in 2018.

Enhancing our contribution to community justice in Scotland remains a priority focus and there is much to do to address the harm caused by offending. By tackling the underlying causes of offending and working collaboratively with partners at local and national levels we aim to support those most in need of our intensive programme of personal development.

Venture Trust wants to be a leader in community justice provision. Strategically, as the new community justice landscape develops, our ambition is to ensure that Venture Trust continues to demonstrate impact in effecting positive change for those involved in offending.

We will actively engage with national and targeted community planning partnership structures seeking to collaborate to design and deliver services which are effective in tackling the underlying causes of offending.

The positive and sustained impact for men and women completing the Living Wild and Next Steps programmes, highlights the contribution these programmes can make as part of a coherent range of local services for communities in reducing reoffending and the harm caused by offending.

Going forward, the operational focus will be to ensure strong links and relationships with a variety of female offender projects that will continue under the new Community Justice arrangements. Venture Trust is committed to its work across Scotland in supporting individuals to move away from offending.

Read the article here: Locking up people short-term doesn’t work – community justice is an answer

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