Forces in Mind Trust awards grant to Venture Trust for crucial new support programme for ex-services men & women

A grant of £689,453 has been awarded to Venture Trust, a Scottish charity with head offices in Edinburgh, Stirling, and teams working throughout the country, to provide crucial support programmes for veterans. This is great news too for Scotland as this is the first scheme of its kind in the UK, and it is Scotland that will be tasked with delivering. If successful, there will be potential to roll the scheme out across the UK on a larger scale. This pilot scheme, named Positive Futures, will help a significant number of veterans struggling with the transition to civilian life.

The story in more detail:

There are many charities that provide support to veterans. However, research has shown that not enough is being done to catch those thousands that are struggling with the transition to civilian life. In an effort to halt the growing numbers of individuals who end up homeless, struggling with addiction, in isolation, and in the prison system, Venture Trust has devised a programme that will, we hope, prove to be life changing for over 120 people over a three year period (and many more, should it be successful).

Venture Trust specialises in supporting people who find themselves in chaotic, often destructive situations, and are unable to cope. It does this through a three phase programme, centred around a wilderness journey in the Scottish Highlands. This intensive time in the outdoors gives the individual the space, and the skills to see things differently. When they return back to their home environment, they receive one-to-one support for as long as 18 months. It is during this time that the participant is helped to achieve their goals and make changes in their life; that might be finding a secure home, kicking addiction, repairing relationships or getting into education, training, employment or volunteering.

It was while working with thousands of young people over the years that it became apparent that more and more of those who walked through the Venture Trust doors were ex-service personnel. Evaluation of the programmes has shown that they really are life changing for so many people, and that there could be an ex-services specific programme to help those most in need. There currently is nothing of its kind in operation, so the funding from Forces in Mind Trust will mean that this is now a reality.

With so many ex-service men and women finding themselves without the life they knew and understood, the Positive Futures programme is crucial in supporting those charities that already perform such an important role in dealing with what will continue to be a growing and very concerning problem.

For more information about the Positive Futures programme, please click here.

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