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Venture Trust has teamed up with Network Rail to get lives back on track!

Working together, we are offering individuals the opportunity to overcome obstacles in their lives and accelerate towards more positive futures. We’re helping people on their personal development journey, getting their lives back on the rails, and not falling into the trap of making obvious puns in any way shape or form.

In 2013 Network Rail granted funding to support Venture Trust’s work with people who feel their lives have hit the buffers – involved in offending, facing drug/alcohol issues, struggling with unemployment or feeling isolated. Network Rail recognised that Venture Trust could engage individuals with whom many other agencies couldn’t or wouldn’t work. But most importantly, Network Rail also shared an ethos with Venture Trust; that many individuals have the capacity to change, and, with the right support, can flourish and make valuable contributions to their communities. Engineering change if you will...

The starting point, as with all Venture Trust programmes, is providing intensive support to help individuals develop the confidence, the motivation, the aspiration and the core lifeskills they need to make change possible. Time, space and carefully designed support in wilderness environments away from day-to-day pressures helps participants recognise and unlock skills that many of us take for granted. Recognising the “triggers” that wind us up and how to avoid them; communicating effectively with other people and building positive relationships; how to set goals and stick with them. Most importantly, the wilderness of Scotland demands and reveals self-reliance, helps people celebrate their personal achievements often for the first time in their lives, and builds a sense of self-worth and purpose.

And did you know, most participants take the train to the starting point of their journeys from as far afield as Exeter, Wick, London and Ipswich? Sometimes it’s the first time they’ve taken a train, and as the train heads towards Scotland’s amazing mountains, rivers and coastlines, individuals start to reflect on their lives at home, what’s working and what’s not, and so the journey of change is already beginning.

Whilst funding for Venture Trust’s world leading personal development programmes forms a vital component, the partnership with Network Rail also goes well beyond that. We want to offer people employability opportunities, in a sector which is growing with major infrastructure projects across Scotland and the rest of the UK. And we want to help Network Rail in their mission to keep people and the railway safe. So in case there are any engineering jobs going, we’ve done a blueprint for success!

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Over the next few months, we’ll aim to keep you updated about this partnership and its successes.

We’ll surprise you with some facts and figures about rail safety.

We’ll show you photos of the work that Network Rail’s money is supporting in Scotland’s wonderful wilderness.

We’ll share incredible stories of lives transformed.

And we’ll stop all this punning, which is frankly de-railing a perfectly good article!

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