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Ever wondered if your support for Venture Trust really makes a difference? If it really does change lives? Well, we're handing over to our participants, who we think make the point rather nicely...


When I was a teenager, I think that’s when my troubles began. I was living in children’s units. People think that kids in the care system will never make anything of themselves – they think they must be bad people. I

was in a complete dilemma – you had your own problems and other people had their problems too. I just thought aggression and drugs was normal – you don’t have anyone to turn to and you don’t see your family much. I was taking drugs, self harming.... all kinds of things. No-one helped me.

I’ve been working with Venture Trust in Edinburgh – a charity that helps people like me learn new skills and think about what they want out of life. I got lots of one-to-one support, and spent all my time outdoors. I climbed, went wild camping, canoed, kayaked, and went on expeditions for weeks at a time. I was enjoying what I was doing and starting to achieve something with my life. People were noticing what I was doing well; I could do something positive and get noticed for it, where in the past I’d have to get into trouble to get noticed. I started to change; I realised there was more to life than taking drugs, and that I could use my experiences to help other people.

I realised how happy I was. I realised I show my experience to other people and help them to change their lives like I changed mine. I can give other people support and help them to make a difference. I’ve done it all – I think I’ve done more in 17 years than most people have in a lifetime – and I can say to people ‘you don’t need to do that’. Most people who get through the care system end up taking drugs or going to prison. If I can show people the other options, the other route they can take, then they can choose to take that path too.

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[At first] I was very closed off and kind of kept to myself, simply because that’s what I was like back then! As the days went on, I got to know the participants and staff more which I was enjoying as everyone had different backgrounds to me. I realised on that trip that it was more than just doing activities and playing games, it was also a way of getting to know myself a little better.

I found out that I had bottled a lot of stuff up over the years and that I had a pretty negative outlook on life. Once the staff picked up on this, they were so supportive and really took the time to talk and get to know me, which I eventually really appreciated.

The trip as a whole was such a challenge but nothing I couldn’t handle (I didn’t know this at the time though). We done so many activities and team building games which really helped me get along with my peers. During the trip we had support groups and this was the hard part for me. It involved setting personal goals and weekly goals, which I had to try and achieve as the days went by.

Overall it was a fantastic experience, one I’ll never forget and since doing it I’m a brand new person. I couldn’t thank the staff enough for putting up with me and cracking through that big wall I had up. They got me to open up and speak about things I’d been hiding for many years. The feedback sheets I got from the trip I still read to this day because whenever I’m feeling down or being a bit harsh with myself, those sheets never fail to cheer me up. They prove I am a strong person and I am able to overcome any kind of obstacles that might come my way. Since then I am much more positive not only with myself but with my outlook as well. I help out a lot more at home and I have gained lots more confidence... this won’t be the last you see of me!

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My life’s changed dramatically, everything’s changed! Every little part of my life has changed, for the good. Because before, it was just lazy – drugs, that was it. Arguing with everyone, not doing anything. But now it’s off the drugs, getting a job, going to college, baby on the way – it’s all positives.

I learnt to calm down. I learnt that if I’m feeling a bit pissed off, or angry, or a bit down, to go and talk to people, cos people might not know how I’m feeling. [The course] has affected me in a lot of ways. It’s helped me get more motivated, communication. Getting along with others. Understanding that people have got their own problems as well, and when I’ve got my problems, I should work through them, not just bypass them. So the course has helped me a lot.

My action plan was really good, cos it helped me actually do stuff, instead of sitting doing nothing. And it kept me away from the trouble. I just took it step by step, one by one. I just planned it – ‘do that one, then that one’.

Now, if I see people out, like, arguing and fighting, I can approach it much easier than I did before. Before, it’d be nerve wracking, thinking ‘what’s going to happen’, but after the course, it’s easier to calm people down, talk to people more, helping them, figuring out what’s bothering them, and chilling out a lot quicker and easier.

I’ve got a job interview, next week, it’s for the cadets. I’m starting college at the end of the month, to do Computing Support, my girlfriend’s pregnant, we’ve got a baby on the way – we’re going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl next week. I’ve got a steady relationship, I’m off the drugs, don’t drink at all. Family life is a lot more mellow and chilled out, everything’s just running a lot smoother now. I feel brilliant, great. My ambitions are to settle down, with a proper family and my own house. That’d be a perfect start to a good future. A good job – even if that means going to lots of interviews still – I want a good job, a steady job, not a dead end job. A job I can progress in. Finish college, get good grades, healthy baby, a steady relationship – the perfect life.

Venture Trust helped me with my communication – understanding that people’ve got their own problems, and helping them with their problems. Motivating others; when they’re feeling down, helping them get back on their feet. Keeping everyone looking at the positives, rather than the negatives, keeping everyone on their own path, going positive places.

[If I hadn’t gone on the Venture Trust programme] I’d be totally opposite. I wouldn’t be at college, I wouldn’t have a job interview, I wouldn’t have a girlfriend, I wouldn’t have a baby on the way, I’d still be on the drugs, I’d have no money, I’d still be arguing with my mum, I’d probably be kicked out...

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