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Meet Tammie, and find out where your VT journey could take you

Tammie was referred to Venture Trust in March 2013 by referral partner Impact Arts.

The Venture Trust outreach team organised a climbing day for a group of young people involved in the Impact Arts Programme and Tammie became interested in what the IYF programme had to offer. Tammie summed up her own approach to life at that point saying that “my life was a bit aimless, with little to no motivation and no idea how to achieve what I wanted in the future.” She had been diagnosed with ADD and struggled with concentration and socialising. She also struggled to make plans, make decisions and to remember appointments.

With the support of her Venture Trust outreach worker, Tammie began to identify the areas she would like to work on during the programme. These included overcoming her shyness, developing her social skills, building new friendships and developing leadership skills.

Getting out into the wilderness

In May 2013 Tammie attended and completed a wilderness expedition in the Cairngorms. Completing this journey was a huge achievement for her. She was particularly concerned about being away from her family, but she was focused and determined, and with the support from the Venture Trust field staff was able to complete the seven day journey. Tammie later explained her experience:

I found the wilderness journey quite tough through a mixture of the activities, being away from my family for a week and the weather being a bit rubbish. I gained a lot of support from the staff and made some new friends.”

The Venture Trust field team staff writing Tammie’s course report identified that she “arrived with a willingness to challenge herself... This determined attitude helped her complete the course successfully.” During the journey she really worked on developing her social skills and meeting new people:

At the beginning of the course she kept to herself, but through successful goal setting and supportive talks with staff she became part of the group and joined in with jokes and discussions... Tammie successfully integrated with the group and by the end of the course was able to make her voice heard.”

The wilderness challenges and experiences developed Tammie’s independence and encouraged her to believe in her skills and abilities.

Returning home

On return home the one-to-one support and help with action planning from Venture Trust helped her identify areas to work on and encouraged her to look into new opportunities. As Tammie herself said recently, “I now have more things to do, have more ideas for my future and feel a bit better about myself.”

Tammie has just finished the Venture Scotland programme, where she developed her outdoor and leadership skills. She is volunteering at the Broomhouse Vegetable Co-op in their fruit and veg shop, serving customers and organising stock. She is also volunteering at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital Library designing promotional material, and has recently applied for another voluntary position as a librarian there. Not only this, but Tammie is also doing a Textile and Jewellery design course at Edinburgh College, and is starting the Dance Base Great Feats programme next week. In addition to these activities, Tammie is passionate about Venture Trust and has contributed to fundraising events.

Sharing experience

One of her biggest achievements with Venture Trust was at our DVD premiere event, when Tammie wrote a wonderful account of her time and achievements, and spoke publically about this to an audience of 60 professionals and funders. This took a lot of courage and confidence and was a huge success. Her speech made such an impact, and was the highlight of the night.

There has been a remarkable transformation in Tammie’s life as she has worked hard to develop her social skills, her ability to organise and plan her time very effectively, and her motivation to get involved in volunteering and education and training activities.

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