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My PDA helped my confidence

I just wanted to stop fighting, stop hanging around with the wrong crew. I not hanging about with the wrong crew any more, I’m not hanging about with the ones who just want to go out and fight 24/7. As soon as we start arguing now, I just get up and walk away from it.

[Before Venture Trust] I was just sitting around, doing nothing. Now, I’m at the volunteer centre, going out, cutting grass, painting folk’s houses, for people with disabilities. I’d not thought about it before, but I just wanted to do something for the community. I love it, man. You cannae beat it. I feel better in myself; I’m getting up earlier, getting out, doing something with my time, instead of sitting about, lazing about, doing nothing. I don’t think I’d have gone down the volunteer centre if it wasn’t for Venture Trust.

[My ambitions for the future are to] get a decent job, with a decent wage, settle down.

If I was starting Venture Trust again, I wouldn’t do anything differently, but I’d change my attitude going into it. Go with a positive attitude. Don’t say to yourself ‘it’s going to be bad’, cos it’s not, it’s class.

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