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People have got a wee bit of belief in you

Venture Trust taught me to go after what you want... to take the masks off and just be the real you.

And instead of just surviving, try and enjoy life, and be a nicer person. It’s amazing what happens when you do take off the masks, when you get that chance, when people have got a wee bit of belief in you, and they say, ‘that’s not the real you’, and at the end of the day I’ve never known the real me. That’s what’s I love about Venture Trust; they thank you, and it makes you want to do it more. I never had anyone say thank you all my life. And people appreciating you makes you want to do more. I love coming here. It’s been really enjoyable actually, and I like the new me. I hope I never change back – I don’t think I will.

My relationships with other people have changed, because people are seeing a change in me. And they’re willing to spend time with me now, whereas before, they just didnae want to know, cos they thought you were trouble. I didnae stress over the things I used to. I’m a stronger person, I really am. I just enjoy my own company now, I really do. Before, I was needy, I think. I’ll never be that person again, that sad, sad person.

[My advice for other people thinking about coming along on a VT programme would be] Just do it! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, so just do it.

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