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I learnt that you can get on with anybody

My relationship with my PDA helped me build confidence and stuff, and become more open with my feelings. She’s friendly and she looks after us. She’s not just a worker, she’s like a pal. She helps us, and if we’re down she cheers us up. [When I came to Venture Trust] I wanted to get out more, I wanted to become more confident. Now I’ve got loads of new pals and stuff.

It felt easier meeting participants in similar situations to me, rather than just normal people, cos they know what you’re going through. You click, just like that, and it’s easier to talk to them. Some of them, you starting talking to outside Venture Trust. I help Lucy [another participant] a lot, I make sure she gets on the bus in the morning, and I make sure I’m there to get the bus with her. [On the community activities] I learned how to work with other people, and I learnt that you can get on with anybody, you just need to put your differences aside. Outside Venture Trust, Kevin and I wouldn’t even talk, or be pals or that, but in here it’s totally different, because there’s no exclusive relationships, and everybody just gets on.

[Being in the wilderness] was weird at first. I got worried on the first night, and by the second night I was settling in. It was hard to adjust to. I felt relieved to get away from home, and just have some time to think. I think I liked it more than everyone else, because I’m usually at my mum’s, with the wains, so it was nice to get away from it all, and be with other people my own age. [My advice to other participants would be] Be yourself, stay open minded, go for it, give everything a try.

It’ll be challenging, but it’ll be worth it.

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