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See that there low point, it goes up. And that’s how I feel today.

We just had to share this poem, produced by the participants and some staff on the latest IYF Expedition to the Southern Cairngorms. It was a glorious day and the group climbed Cairn Crom (890m). The views were incredible and each member of the group picked their favourite view and explained their reasons for choosing it.

In the words of the staff leading the expedition:

"It was a magical moment and really confirmed with all the staff that were on the expedition that what we do, and the environments that we work in really do make a difference to young people".

The Cairn Crom Poem

By Scott, Daniel, Ronnie, wee Jeni, Philip, Kev and big Jeni.

6th November 2011, Braemar Expedition

I like the horizon,
The silhouette with the dark shades and the sun,
And the glistening water,
Not many people are able to enjoy these things.

That hill there just where the point is,
That wee point there,
One day I will come back and climb that one there,
I want to do that.

Mine's the valley, the shape of it,
With all its colours,
It’s so beautiful,
It’s amazing.

See that bit there you see, I think that bit's really nice,
I had a low point today,
See that there low point, it goes up,
And that’s how I feel today.

For me it’s the valley,
The shape of the river, all squiggly,
The shape of the river,
It draws my attention.

My view's that way,
The way we have come up from,
And over there the way the river meanders,
And it’s the way we are walking tomorrow.

That bowl over there,
'Cause it’s sort of a really good shape,
It’s huge!
It looks like a really big seat!

It’s an amazing view,

The best view of my life,

It makes you appreciate your country.

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