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    Break the circle

    Things have calmed, friendships made, goals set and achieved. In 20 days we have learned and achieved so many things. Each day, V.T set the bar a little higher, pushing us to do our best.

    This is NOT for the faint-hearted, this IS for those young, chaotic people who want better, who deserve much better. You are taken from what you know & understand to somewhere you have never been, people you have never met, to do things that you might not get the chance to ever do again, i.e. gorge-walking, abseiling, coasteering, etc. These activities may seem fun and they are, but they are also to help teach you personal development skills like working together and trusting people. Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want somebody holding my safety rope if i didn’t trust them, would you?

    Each of us are here because there are things in our lives which we can’t seem to get a grip of, we seem to be stuck in a vicious circle, going round and around. This is where we decide to break that circle and make a new path.

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    Kimbo's Poem

    Reflections on life from a participant on our Living Wild - Chance for Change programme:

    My life’s so messed up you would not believe

    The things my Gran thought I could have achieved

    She had high hopes for my life,

    But I mucked it up, more than twice

    So it is because of me she can hardly breathe.

    I need to act quick and pull something out my sleeve.

    So, stop giving her grief.

    I’ve been doing some thinking overnight, this is my chance to make things right

    I know I’m stupid and a little wild

    I need to get my life on track, not just for Gran but for my child.

    I’m not going to do what my mum done with me,

    How could I do that to my Hailee?

    So don’t give up, I’m not going to prison,

    Because there’ll be something missing,

    My baby girl on christmas day,

    I’ll no even get the chance to see her play

    So I need to change, I must,

    That’s how I went to Venture Trust.

    It’s a chance for change for people my ages,

    they travel here From all different places.

    It’s not so easy here, there’s boundaries and rules,

    thats how I met my one-to-one worker, her name is Jules.

    She tries to help me when I am down, even when my smiles a frown.

    Theres more people here to help too like Caz, Ian, Greg and Drew

    You do mad activities to test you to your limit,

    Oh and forget about your attitude, just bin it.

    I’ve done rock climbing, gorge walking and abseiling

    You should have seen me, my legs were shaking

    And now lying in this tent my zip is broken and thepoles are bent.

    It’s an experience and a half.

    I’ll wake up tomorrow and have a laugh. I think I’ve changed, forgot the past.

    I am not the dafty I was…not any more

    When my three weeks is up, my life will change: when I walk through that door.

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