How your donation could change lives

Eighty pence of every pound donated goes directly to delivering our programmes - supporting our outreach and field teams, buying food and equipment, and keeping our mobile vehicles on the road.

The other twenty pence is invested to make sure we're able to continue supporting those in need long into the future. For example, we need raise money to keep our programmes running, pay finance and admin posts to support our programme delivery staff, and invest in training and qualifications to keep our teams' skills up to date.

We operate as efficiently and effectively as possible: Not a penny is wasted.

Kit and equipment

£53 pays for the kit needed to stay safe and warm on expedition

Wilderness expeditions give participants the chance to develop skills such as problem solving, consequential thinking and relationship building. £53 covers the cost of all the kit used on this life-changing course, including walking boots, waterproofs, and sleeping bag.

£50 could cover all the costs of hiring of a community hall

For a session on employability – helping young people write CVs, research jobs, and practise their interview skills with a local employer.

£45 connects participants with a friendly face

Young people in care are expected to become fully independent at the age of 16, without the support or advice most young people can rely on. £45 buys four hours of one-to-one care with a trusted outreach worker.

£20 could purchase a set of thermal leggings

As well as a long-sleeved thermal t-shirt, and a pair of thick socks - enabling us to continue to run expeditions all year round, in all weathers.

£16 supports the development of a skill for life


In the wilderness, participants learn to cook for themselves. This vital skill helps participants to become more self-sufficient, and teaches the importance of nutrition, time management and organisation in everyday life. £16 allows us to provide a participant with food for a weekend during one of our programmes, and helps them on the road to independence.

£15 can pay for an hour’s crisis meeting between a participant and their outreach worker

(with mugs of hot chocolate) – a simple lifeline for a young person with no-one else to turn to who they can trust.

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