In May 2013 Venture Trust was a finalist for 'Charity of the year' in the SCVO's Scottish Charity Awards.

This nomination recognised and celebrated our outstanding achievements during 2012. It was a year of both challenge and opportunity, kicked off in the most significant of ways with a new Chief Executive – Mark Bibbey – who joined Venture Trust on the 1st January 2012. The new year marked a new start, and 2012 has been a year of innovation and success for Venture Trust; one which has seen significant achievements whilst laying the groundwork for further future success.

It is an honour to be nominated for this award and the recognition it affords to the work we do is much appreciated across Venture Trust and the partners with whom we work so closely. Mark Bibbey – Chief Executive

Although we didn't win the overall award, it marked a huge milestone in our development as an organisation, and marked our impact being recognised at the higest levels. You can read more on how we felt about not winning.

In July 2013, we won the National award from the Scottish Community Safety Network.

This recognises the importance of our Next Steps programme in helping women move away from crime and to begin to contribute positively to their communities.

"Amazing how many lives it can change. Just by bringing a couple ah young misfits, ah young criminals. You bring em out here in the middle a nowhere an’ they change. I never thought ah’d change but now ah feel as if ah’ve changed, aye. The course helps you look at life – different ways of like, living, instead of drugs or violence". Venture Trust participant

In October 2013 our Outreach Team won the 'Interventions' prize from Tayside Community Justice Authority.

This award recognised the impact of our programmes in helping people move away from offending, and to contribute positively to their communities.

And if that wasn't enough... in June 2014 we were shortlisted for the 'A Sporting Chance' category in SCVO's Scottish Charity Awards.

This award is a new one-off award, supported by Glasgow 2014, to celebrate the Commonwealth Games which recognises the powerful and lasting impact of sport and outdoor activities in helping people overcome difficult circumstances.

"The learning and development through sport and outdoor activities achieved by young Scots on Venture Trust's programmes are life changing for the long term. On a daily basis, we see the powerful impact of supporting people into work or education and developing essential life skills for more positive futures. We are thrilled to be shortlisted for the Sporting Chance Award." Mark Bibbey - Chief Executive

We're delighted by these endorsements of our work by the sector, which only serve to highlight the achievements of our staff, partners, and - most importantly - our participants - in taking the opportunity to change their lives.

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