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Welcome to Venture Trust

We are a registered charity, based in Edinburgh, supporting those with chaotic lifestyles and experiencing difficulties in their lives in Scotland, and the UK. We are passionate about enabling people who want to make changes in their lives for a better future. For our participants, our programmes represent an opportunity - a chance to boost confidence, motivation and aspirations, and to develop the skills to make their ambitions reality.

What we do

We help people recognise what they need to change; then give them the confidence, motivation and core life skills they need to make those changes. These include things like how to solve problems; how to deal with stressful or unfamiliar situations; how to set goals and work towards them; how to think about the consequences of choices that you make; how to communicate effectively with other people; how to build trusting relationships; and how to look after yourself and be organised.

At the heart of all our programmes, we give people time, space and support in a wilderness setting, far away from the pressures of home, where physical, emotional and social challenges take them into a personal 'stretch' zone where powerful learning can happen.

Our Mission

Venture Trust supports individuals to overcome the complicated or chaotic life circumstances that they face to make positive changes in their life. We help them acquire life skills, stability and confidence to move into and sustain education, training, volunteering and work by delivering intensive needs-led personal development in communities and the Scottish wilderness.

Our Ethos

Venture Trust believes in people. We believe that people who, because of their life experiences, have become marginalised and vulnerable and are living chaotic lifestyles have the capacity to change, and can be supported to take responsibility for their lives.

Our ethos and values are embedded in everything we do. We:

  • Recognise the value each person brings to our work.
  • Don’t focus on an individual’s past, which we cannot change; we focus on where the individual is currently and where they hope to be in the future.
  • Support individuals to see themselves and their world differently.
  • Harness the strength of the individual and the power of a group-work approach in making change possible.
  • Highlight the importance of choices, and the consequences of actions.
  • Enable, support and empower – we do not force.
  • Learn from experience – both at an individual and organisational level.
  • Work in partnership.
  • Ensure our work is sustainable – both environmentally and organisationally.

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